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Browse 564 acupuncture points photos and images available, or search for meridian to find more great photos and pictures.

Knowledge, skill and experience of the therapist significantly influence the success of an acupuncture treatment. To demonstrate and practice certain techniques in acupuncture, a variety of acupuncture models and mannequins are available. These models show the acupuncture points of a body part or the human anatomy with the meridians and are also partially pinnable. Such models facilitate training for the acupuncturist and also serve to explain the treatment to patients.

Many acupuncture points can, of course, also be explained using anatomy posters, diagrams or acupuncture wall charts. The educational charts are not only decorative, but also offer in-depth, detailed information on the depicted stimulation points and are generally available in different languages. For easy maintenance and an attractive appearance, most acupuncture posters optionally have a high-quality lamination

At acupunctureworld, you can purchase acupuncture models, as well as anatomical diagrams and wall charts depicting the meridians conveniently online.

These Acupuncture posters demonstrate in beautiful detail, the treatment protocols of Chinese,Korean and Japanese Acupuncturists.Practitioners, students and patients can visually see the 12 main meridian pathways, the elemental points, Auricular pathways,Tongue diagnosis,Horary points and more. Easily find Sedation, Connecting and Source points as well as the Conception vessel and Governing vessel points. Choose from paper, or lamination in chart sizes as small as wallet cards to as large as 36" x 36". 

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